Misinterpretation / Drift off topic
Stretching word count


Quality content creates signals across the web that builds credibility and authority with your audience. In addition to the many SEO benefits of content marketing, it can be used as a means to connect on a level with your customers that other digital marketing cannot.

Increase conversion rates

Increase trust and authority

Increase time on page

Increase organic traffic

Increase sharing on social media

Increase engagement

Our Expertise

Informative article

SEO content

Buying guide

Press release

Product reviews

Product description

What makes our content AWESOME?

SEO Optimized

As a White Hat agency, we have an accurate conception of how to optimize an article for SEO.
We use many related terms and LSI (we are not stuck in 2015 with the concept of “exact keyword / x %”).

Increase average time on page & click-through rate

Every good article starts with an amazing intro to intrigue the visitors and makes them want to know more, read the full article.
We increase the average time on page by sequencing a continuous flow of interesting deep researched content in a perfect structure.

This intro will also perfectly fit the need of the META description and increase nicely the click-through rate.

Internal linking Optimization

In case you order several articles about the same topic, we will write them in a way that you can easily “internally” link them.

Amazing Content

American writer

Free of mediocrity such as misinterpretation, grammatical errors, stretching word count, delivery time not respected and so on.

Delivery time: 4-8 working days

1000 words


$3 / 100 words

2000 words


$2.9 / 100 words

5k words


$2.8 / 100 words


What Style of Writing Is Used to Write the Articles?

Our writers love their job and will follow each of your particular specifications. By all standards, your article will be in an informational style. You can specify a different/complementary style at the end of your order.

Am I Going to Be the Sole Owner of the Content Given to Me?

Yes, you have the complete ownership right over all contents written for you.

Who Write My Articles?

Marc will write your articles most of the time. We have another writer in the team, Tyler who will be able to write for you occasionally when he is not busy with our sites network.

* The writer name will be mentioned at the delivery and you will be able to choose a particular writer if you fall in love with the writing style of one or another! (TAT can be a little longer in this case)

Can I see some samples?

Most of the time we make two kinds of buying guide:

Want to see more samples? Contact us

Can I Select a Preferred Writer for My Articles?

You can always pick a preferred writer for your content amongst two native American writers that are currently available.

Are All Niches Accepted?

Apart from illegal and adult niches, we accept every other niche.

How Do I Get the Articles?

We deliver your article in words/doc format by email.

Revisions Policy

In a case whereby something in your order was omitted, a revision will be done for free, any other additional specification or requirements will attract charges.

Refund Policy

Once your article is written, there is no room for refund or money back. This is due to the nature of this service.

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